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 MVP is the new USFW attraction!!!!

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PostSubject: MVP is the new USFW attraction!!!!   Wed Jul 23, 2008 7:44 pm

MVP's music hits the PA system as MVP walks down with a mike in his hand
So you are...
MVP chucles under his breath as he is rolling his sleeves up and straightens his collar
So you are the people i will be facing in the King of the Ring tournement hee.
Well then this will be easier than i thought. just to think in two weeks somone will be holding that world title on their shoulder and that person will be the new attraction to world sports entertainment MR MVP, Montel Vontavious Porter, Me i will be holding that title in two weeks time there will be a big new hit to USFW you'l all see.

Crowd booo loudly

And just to think that becuase i will be the big new hit to this place you will all be nothing but the same little lazy fat slobs sitting at home not doing anything while i am the only one putting any effort into this thing because you all know you can try but then fail at beating me once again so at the minute you guys are thinking you are the best but things will change i will promise you.

And you can all talk loud but if you are half as good at wrestling as good you are trashtalking then you might acctually get somwhere but you don't do you?
All this time i was thinking this place could be a challenge for me but it isn't at all these guys don't know how to wrestle or trashtalk.

And to think you people cheer for these people wow you must be dumber than i thought now you people need to think about cheering for a real model new model to all you people and seen as though you don't own or earn any money for this than you don't have the right to reply.
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MVP is the new USFW attraction!!!!
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